Increasing profitability and creating a successful sales team

Learn how '47 hired the right people for the right roles and provided effective sales training utilizing PI.

’47 is a premium global sports lifestyle brand producing a unique mix of the finest headwear and apparel, and maintaining an unparalleled attention to detail. The company is a proud licensed partner with the four key professional American sports leagues: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, as well as over 650 colleges. In 2015 ’47 opened a flagship store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA.


’47 has seen years of consistent growth and impressive sales. To keep up with the demands of growing and meet the challenges that come along with it, ’47 needed to rethink their sales team structure that comprised mainly of independent contractors. The company wanted to transition to a sales team of ’47 employees and needed to hire the right people for the team and train them to be successful.

To address these issues, ’47 implemented the PI Behavioral Assessment, the PI Job Assessment, also referred to as the Performance Requirement Options (PRO), and PI’s Customer-Focused Selling (CFS), a customizable sales training program that covers the core competencies of consultative selling.

The results?

  • Improved hiring strategy

  • Creation of a successful sales team

  • Implementation of an effective sales training program

  • Increased profitability


“The CFS training we received from The Cornerstone Group has been phenomenal,” says Dan, National Sales Manager.


“They’re good at teaching but even more importantly, they really get us and our business. They do a really good job working with us and understanding our unique business and sales challenges."

Our behavioral, cognitive and skills tests provide relevant, objective data to help you make more informed hiring decisions.