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Successful sales organizations are built on three core disciplines: Hire the right salespeople, Develop a sales methodology, and Grow strong sales leaders.  At Cornerstone, we provide the tools, technology, and support to execute each discipline to maximize sales performance.


We are so confident in our process that we will let you test drive our tools. The only cost will be a few minutes of your time.



It starts with hiring smart, and leveraging the information the The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™  provides, to find candidates with true sales DNA and the The Predictive Index Learning Indicator™ which will provide insight into how quickly an individual will learn, adapt, and grasp your sales process and products.



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The Selling Skills Assessment Test™ (SSAT) provides the specific data you need to increase the sales production and customer interaction skills of your whole team by giving you an objective look at people’s strengths, skills, and areas for improvement.  



Know your strengths. Find your weaknesses. The Selling Skills system helps you quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a successful customer focused and consultative approach to selling.



More than ever, sales teams struggle with unqualified leads, missed sales goals, and lost opportunities. Coaching is an effective way to tackle these issues—but sales leaders and managers are at a loss for how to implement a productive coaching system.  

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It’s not just CFS,  it’s the strategic partnership we have  the Cornerstone Group.    We started with the Predictive Index to identify the best profile for our sales position, used the SSAT to identify areas of weakness, then deployed CFS training and used all those tools to develop personal improvement plans.  CFS is not only transforming the performance of our salespeople but we’re using it to shape our customer interaction at every level.    CFS taught us to speak customer’s native language, focus on what’s important to them, and quickly bring a prospect to a buying decision by giving them all the information they needed.  We’re driving a level of customer engagement, trust, and communication that this business has never seen.  


Bernard Foster, President of BDRY

"The training we received from Levi and the group from Cornerstone was top notch. What I liked most was his ability to keep a group of young salespeople, most of them under thirty years old, engaged for two full days. I would absolutely recommend Levi to those looking to build a team of sales champions."

Joe Ames, VP of Sales at '47

Are you ready to take your sales team to the next level? 

Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS) is an effective sales training program that covers the core competencies of consultative selling. Using a highly interactive instructor-led workshop format that incorporates your team's Selling Skills Assessment Test™ (SSAT), CFS delivers a customized agenda to pump your salesforce with the knowledge necessary to achieve hyper-growth.