Create Clarity Around Job Expectations 

Capture the behavioral and cognitive requirements of a specific role, while considering company culture and team dynamics.

The PI Job Assessment (formerly the PRO) tool allows clients to quantify the behavioral requirements of any specific job, at any level, within their organizations. Created through input from multiple stakeholders, the client-defined output provides a  behavioral target for the role. Armed with this information, hiring managers are better equipped to evaluate the job fit of candidates.


By using the The PI Job Assessment before making a hire, clients can achieve better agreement on the behavioral requirements for any role, resulting in clear expectations which help the individual succeed right from the start.

This tool works alongside the PI assessment, allowing clients to evaluate the potential similarities or dissimilarities between the behavioral requirements of the job and the behavioral needs of the candidate. This provides concrete data about a candidate’s fit for a particular job and where potential challenges may exist.

Compare and Select the Best

Compare candidates to your target requirements and see how they match up. Provide your leadership team with actionable information PI Interview Guide and PI Job Pattern Report