Leadership Performance 

Set your people up for success

Leadership is more than a position or title, it is a role that requires a specific skill set that can be taught and improved upon. The most effective leaders tend to be aware of their strengths, but also understand and strive toward continuous improvement. Our leadership offerings for both individuals and teams are designed to increase self-awareness and adaptive leadership skills by means of assessment and customized development planning.

Our consultants leverage a variety of tools, including Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ and Talent Smart's Emotional Intelligence and 360° Refined tools, to help leaders build self-awareness and personal accountability. We utilize Leadership Coaching to provide leaders and executives with an intensive assessment and one-on-one development experience that helps them uncover and actualize their true potential.

"It is neither the smartest nor the hardest working Manager who succeeds in business. It is the one who best articulates a clear vision and understands the handful of levers to pull to get the results desired - - improved leadership, enhanced team performance, high impact communications, smarter hiring decisions. Cornerstone can help with that."

Kris Batemen, SVP, Director, Risk Management, Citizens Bank 

Cultivating Talent: Focusing on Leadership Development 

Leaders who understand and recognize their emotions, motivations, and reactions are able to make the right decisions under the most challenging situations.
Understand what drives your behavior, how you are likely perceived by others, and how you can more effectively engage others in the workplace.
Increase the understanding of your core and adaptive leadership behaviors, and how to drive enduring behavior change that lasts well beyond the 360° feedback session.
Our Managing People to Perform workshop gives you the insight and perspective needed to develop increased self-awareness and an understanding of what drives your day-to-day behaviors.
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Leadership Coaching 

Enhance leadership performance

As leaders and executives reach higher levels within an organization, the amount of coaching and feedback they receive diminishes. In addition, the operational and strategic decisions they make tend to have significantly greater impact on business performance. Leadership Coaching provides an intensive experience to support ongoing professional development of an organization’s most critical assets.

Leadership Coaching is a process designed to enhance the performance of leaders and executives in support of their organizational objectives.  We use a proven coaching process that incorporates the individual’s unique work environment, competence, motivations, and objectives to create a personalized plan that results in enduring behavior change. By means of an intensive, collaborative partnership, coaching provides:

  • A confidential, structured process

  • A thorough assessment of personality and workplace behaviors

  • A clear focus and specific plan

  • Time for self-reflection

  • Action-oriented assignments

When is Leadership Coaching the Right Solution?

Leadership coaching is an investment offered to an organization’s key leaders/executives, and is most effective when the intent is to promote professional growth and positive organizational change.  For these reasons, leaders who typically benefit from coaching include:

  • High performers struggling in a specific area (e.g., interpersonal conflict, team alignment, or change leadership).

  • High potentials seeking an intensive development experience (e.g., take it to the next level)

  • Critical employees preparing for, or assimilating into strategic roles (i.e., to minimize ramp-up time or to facilitate new hire adjustment)

Like to read more?  Download the whitepaper, Executive Coaching Revealed, by Jeffrey Cicone, PhD, Director of Executive Development

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