Our Team

I was very fortunate to be part of building a successful telecom company, COMLINK. During my sixteen years there, I learned many lessons about leadership; none more important than the concept that “your people are your company”


Our leadership team was passionate about hiring great people, developing them, and leveraging their talent to help us grow.  Our commitment to developing people led us to Predictive Index®. A simple but powerful set of tools, PI provided our team with clarity around people, how they fit within various roles, and how to leverage their talents to support growth. And grow we did.  Making the Inc. 500 fastest-growing private companies in America, twice.

I founded the Cornerstone Group in 1997 to help leaders achieve greater success by creating better people outcomes. Our partnership with Predictive Index, combined with our years of leadership experience created a strong foundation for helping other organizations to improve performance.


Today as the Cornerstone Group approaches our 20th anniversary we have built our own successful team, one that supports over 100 client organizations and thousands of leaders. While we’ve added additional tools, expertise, and services, our focus has never changed.

We remain passionate about helping leaders to improve performance by focusing on their true competitive advantage, their people.

Steve Cundall, CEO

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