Our Partnership with Private Equity Firms

What stands between strategy and execution is people.

At the Cornerstone Group, we partner with PE firms to maximize their investment in portfolio companies by better aligning people with strategy. Utilizing a unique combination of technology, assessment tools, and expertise, we equip leaders to hire, develop and retain the best talent at all levels of their organizations. With stronger leaders and an inspired workforce, your portfolio companies will maximize performance and return on your investment. 

Invest Smarter

No aspect of your due diligence process is more important than evaluating the leaders who you might count on to deliver on your investment. Our leadership team assessment gives you clear insights into each leader and how they align with current and future expectations, eliminating surprises and minimizing leadership turnover. Learn how each leader:

  • Thinks strategically​

  • Makes key decisions

  • Takes action

  • Leads change

  • Communicates across the organization

  • Builds and develops teamsResponds under pressure

Our due diligence assessments will help you to better understand if the current leadership has the competencies and potential to execute your going-forward strategy.

Improve Leadership Team Performance 

In few instances is company success a function of anything other than leadership team effectiveness. The right leadership teams will overcome most business challenges, while the wrong team will create them.


At Cornerstone, we’re experts at helping you to:

  • Get the right leaders in the right seats

  • Create stronger leadership team cohesion

  • Develop and coach leaders to higher levels of performance  


With the right leadership teams in place, and performing optimally, you and your team can spend less time fixing problems and more time growing your portfolio.

Our partnership with Cornerstone is instrumental in achieving our performance objectives. From acquisition to exit, we rely on Cornerstone’s expertise and support to drive our people strategy and maximize performance.

Dave Dullum

President, Gladstone Investment

Align Portfolio Talent 

What stands between strategy and execution is people, and no portfolio company can execute well without the right talent. Using our technology, assessments, and support, your leaders will have the information and knowledge to remove the guesswork when building high-performance teams. Our tools will instantly improve the way your leaders:

  • Make hiring decisions

  • Manage and develop their people            

  • Make promotion decisions

  • Identify and develop future leaders

With our tools and process in place, your companies will reduce costly turnover, improve employee engagement and accelerate performance.

Drive Sales Performance 

Few things will impact company valuation more than sales growth. At Cornerstone, we help organizations to improve sales performance by attacking the core issues that most impact sales results:

  • Finding salespeople with the right DNA to drive sales results               

  • Measuring and improving critical sales skills

  • Developing leaders who can coach salespeople to success

With the right salespeople, better sales skills, and effective sales leadership, you and your companies can dramatically improve sales results and in turn, company valuation.