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Lead, Don’t Manage

Are you providing leadership that will keep your people connected? Use the power of talent optimization to design great teams and lead them through anything. We have moved all of our training virtually!

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Drive Results with Talent 

Identify how your organization can utilize talent data insights to understand what drives your employees. Understand the four forces that affect employee engagement and how to protect against them. Apply PI's data-driven hiring approach to build high-performing teams and a positive culture.


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People Smart Leader

The People-Smart Leader virtual workshop uses information and concepts provided by The Predictive Index® to help leaders to identify the core needs of their people, understand how they react under pressure, and develop simple but effective management strategies for each person on their team.

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Customer Focus Selling (CFS)

Are your salespeople finding it more challenging to book meetings, have the right conversations with the right people, and close opportunities? Are sales cycles getting longer and harder to predict? Are margins suffering?
The Cornerstone Sales Academy is designed to help today's sales professionals harness their natural selling style, enhance their consultative selling skills, and more quickly and effectively meet the needs of your customers. The Cornerstone Sales Academy is designed for CEOs and sales leaders who believe that investing in sales skill development will pay dividends through improved sales performance. This program is powered by diagnostic tools from Predictive Index® and sales performance experts from Cornerstone.


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Monthly Open PI Demo Sessions

Are you leveraging all the tools your PI platform offers? 

Navigating the PI software doesn’t have to be hard! Please join Kailyn Graham, Client Success Manager, on one of our monthly, free, 60-minute PI demo sessions. The demo will teach software users of all levels, how to navigate the various tools on the platform, and best use cases for each.

You’ll leave this 60-minute webinar with tips and tricks to better utilize the software and improve your understanding of the benefits it can have on your organization.

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Cornerstone Leadership Academy

This is a three-part series of which you may attend any of the following:

I. Power & Influence
This research-informed session is focused on how to expand one’s influence and success when leading your team, and when working across functions or departments.

Key Competencies: Collaboration, Employee Engagement, Team Alignment, Cross-Functional/Department Leadership, Influence, Leadership


II. Leadership Communication for Results
An intensive and interactive workshop providing leaders with the keys to effective communication, organizational techniques, persuasion,
thinking on your feet, presenting with impact, and projecting Executive presence.

Key Competencies: Customized Communication, Speaking Persuasively, Presenting Effectively, and Demonstrating Thought Leadership

III. Resilience  and Change
This includes two modules.


Resilience involves taking a deep look into how our perceptions and automatic thinking can lead to productive or unproductive behaviors, and how to use this understanding to be a more resilient leader.


Psychology of Change leads to Understanding how people respond to change, and learning how to efficiently and effectively move people through the phases of change.

Key Competencies: Change Leadership, Resilience, Self-Awareness, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

Who should attend? Senior leaders, responsible for influencing their organizations and leading change.

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