Your Challenges

Hiring people who “fit” both the role and your culture can be tricky. Our assessments reduce your risk of hiring the wrong fit and increase your odds of success.

Get people in the right roles and give your leaders the tools and skills to keep your people inspired and engaged.

It’s great when a team just clicks, but building strong teams takes more than just having the right people. Great teams share a common mission and great cohesion.

Having a leadership bench is one of the biggest challenges to growth. Our tools can help you to identify leadership potential and build a road-map for improving leadership skills.

If your sales aren’t where they need to be, our tools and training can get you there. We attack the core issues of sales performance, helping you hire the right people, improve their sales skills, and manage them for maximum results. 

Without exception, businesses identify their biggest challenges as talent – finding the right people, retaining them, and ensuring they buy into the business  strategy. 

Sound familiar?  Here's where we help

Talent Is Your Competitive Advantage

At Pega we help customers turn change into a competitive advantage. To do that we need to have a workforce aligned with that mission. Cornerstone Group has given us the tools, training and expertise to identify the requisite talent and build the teams necessary to achieve that mission. Working with Cornerstone we’ve turned talent into our competitive advantage."

Jeff Yanagi, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Pegasystems

Our behavioral, cognitive and skills tests provide relevant, objective data to help you make more informed hiring decisions.